Proposal: categorize our forum

Hi folks,

So far, there are near 30 topics created on our forum. They are in various domains, including storage components, computing components, testing, infrastructures and so on.

A few days ago I agree with @dragonly on

But it might be time to think of this hard question: categorization.

As you can see, I sorted out all existing topics into categories. Now I’m going to tell you the background logic and ask for your comments for better categorization.

Any categorization work has its own rules, and rules supports my works are the sentence:

This category is for ${something} of TiDB (generalized, or you can refer as Ti ecosystem).

In my mind these two domain deserve a category respectively,

  • transaction
  • community

… but there is no topic yet and I don’t want to create a placeholder because it is worthless without content.

However, I’m unsure whether or not it can cover our discussion. So here is this topic to request for comments.

Any feedback is welcome!


How do you define the community category?
Do contributor-oriented activities and announcements fall into this category?

@luzizhuo thanks for your questions!

In my first design the expected community category is for community happenings, including

  • talks, meetups, and other events
  • announcement of reviewers’, committers’, and maintainers’ promotion
  • community governance updates (this should be low traffic)

But let’s say that the content shapes the category and

… now I found the first topic satisfies community category.