Remove pingcap/errors and switch to testify

Continuing the discussion from Better way to debug single unit test in tidb:

There will be so many works to do, but we can discuss whether it is a good direction.


Yep. From my previous prototype, which we need to do is,

  • Move simple tests that don’t depend on custom testutil to testify
  • Reimplement necessary testutil with testify
  • Move all tests to testify

For a pre-RFC, we might also need to collect clear pros and cons on this proposal.

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An advantage is that testify exposes testing.T from its suite by T() while I don’t see a clear way how to achieve it in go-check.

Accessing testing.T is useful when we try to redirect logging output to testsuite and flush only if test failed.

See also

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testify seems suffer from some parallel testing issues:

… continue diagnostic

@TennyZhuang I’ve made a draft of pre-RFC

More details will be present later and I’ll appreciate if anyone comment there.