How to become a committer?

If I want to become a committer, what should I do?

Hi @Xuanwo,

Thanks for throwing this question. In order to clarify how to become a committer, I’d like to describe what are we looking for in committers, and later response in your specific case, i.e., a SIG coprocessor reviewer.

Generally speaking, committer is a common role among open source communities. Being a committer means being recognized as a significant contributor to the project (community or technology), and having the abilities to help with the development. Committer candidates are community members who have made good contributions over an extended period of time and want to continue their contributions.

Our community currently focus more on technology contribution and as SIG coprocessor description a committer promotion should be

  • Exhibited good technical judgment
  • Nominated by at least 2 TiKV Maintainers
  • Complete at least two tasks of Medium difficulty level or one of High difficulty level
  • The PR contribution meets at least two points:
    • Merged Coprocessor PRs involve more than 1500 lines of code within half a year
    • Valid Coprocessor PR reviews total over 10
    • Valid Coprocessor PR reviews involve over 1000 lines of code

But as far as I can say, see also our real case

We don’t really block by the number and I would say those lines are no more like guideline, not requirement. During our ongoing community revise, there is a subtask to update these description and we distinguish guideline and requirement.

So what is the requirement? I would quote what @breeswish said

If we (tech leaders of the SIG, which will be maintainers of the project soon) agree a contributor is perfect competent, then promote him/her a committer.

So the requirement is agree, i.e., a voting process. We are drafting the process bylaws these days.

On your case you can ask for a committer role of tech leaders ( @breeswish , @skyzh ) and I think they will tell what are they looking for in committers in the specific team.

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