Introducing TiDE: A TiDB IDE

Hi there, we are the B.A.D Team on TiDB Hackathon 2020. Our project TiDE is a Visual Studio Code extension that makes developing TiDB a breeze. The project won second prize on Hackathon and we finally finished it. It’s now available on Visual Studio Code Marketplace!

The project can not be fully completed without users. We are eager to receive feedback from TiDB developers. If you are bothered by remote debugging of TiDB clusters or pulling information from logs scattered everywhere, you are very welcomed to try TiDE!

TiDE allows users to get started quickly, and turns the dry content of the documentation into an interactive presentation. It helps developers to quickly and intuitively understand the features of TiDB, improving development efficiency and user experience, and makes developers truly enjoy the process and results of programming. With TiDE, we don’t have to spend 90% of our time on setting up the environment. Developers can now enjoy the experience of writing code and getting the result instantly.

TiDE is also open-sourced on GitHub. Please feel free to tell us about your thoughts by commenting below. Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated. You can also share the story if TiDE really helps you.

Download TiDE here.


It’s awesome! Cannot wait to have a try.


Thanks for sharing your project on developing TiDB @dragonly !

Though please keep caution using the “announcement” tag since it mean @all . Showing off your effort is encouraged but let’s leave people interested attracted by the content.