TiBigData's Followup

Hi all, we are engineers from Zhihu Infra Team. Ever since we initiated the TiBigData project last year, we have done the following work and used it in our production environment as well.

  • Presto-TiDB-Connector, which supports different Presto distributions, including PrestoSQL and PrestoDB.
  • Flink-TiDB-Connector, which supports different versions of Flink, including 1.11 and 1.12.

Both of the above Connectors have these capabilities: Catalog capability, Transaction Read, Follower Read, and partial computational logic push-down. Over the past period of time, we have continued to optimize and solve TiBigData related problems. So far, TiBigData is a mature project, which is widely used in both online and offline business at Zhihu, and has achieved very good user feedback. With the stability of TiBigData, it is time to give it some new capabilities.

  • Support for global transaction writes, including Presto and Flink.
  • Support for Trino, a new distribution of Presto.
  • Support for unified TiDB source on Flink 1.13.

You are very welcome to contribute this project by giving us valuable feedbacks or participating the development. Please don’t hesitate to join discussion and development on Github. Looking forward to see your PRs and Issues there.

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