TiKV v5.2 Planning

Hello TiKV developers! We are starting the development cycle of v5.2 recently. And here is the planning for this development cycle.

You’re encouraged to leave your suggestion/comments to our planning; furthermore, if you’re interested in participating in any of the projects, feel free to contact us and join the feature crew, let’s improve TiKV together!

Tracking issue links have more details description, don’t hesitate to check out!

Feature Tracking issue Owner Description
Raft Async IO tikv/tikv#10540 @gengliqi
Region Label tikv/pd#3839 @rleungx A simpler version of placement rules
Read Only If Most Of The Storage Nodes Are Near Full tikv/tikv#10537 @hicqu
Online Recovery When Raft Majority Failure tikv/tikv#10483 @Connor1996
One Node Slow Will Not Impact the Throughput of The Whole Cluster tikv/tikv#10539 @5kbpers
Weighted Multidimensional Hot Schedule tikv/pd#3869 @lhy1024

There is one more traceing issue:

Feature Tracking issue Owner
Weighted Multidimensional Hot Schedule tikv/pd#3869 @lhy1024

Thanks for your information! Updated.