New storage engine for TiDB?

Just found this repo, looks interesting…

What’s the difference between this project and brson’s engine traits? Looks like they both could add support for multiple engines in TiKV.

I think the name should be tiflash-proxy, it is a fork of TiKV that adds support TiFlash needs, mainly learner related logics.

As @tison said, it’s actually a wrapper of TiKV’s Raft component, with which you can implement your own storage engine that consumes TiKV Raft log and snapshot.

Currently it only allows you to join a TiKV cluster as a Learner, so you have to implement Follower Read to make your storage engine readable.

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And AFAIK, engine traits is a feature allows you to replace RocksDB with your customized storage engine. It’s more like the concepts of plugable storage engine in MySQL.

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Actually I’m curious isn’t it a feature should / already provided by TiKV? IIRC current TiKV allows you to join a cluster as a learner.


Whatever, you have to do some wrapping work to get up with TiKV Raft component, while tidb-engine-ext has done this for you. It provides a c dynamic library and exposes some useful APIs.

Why expose c api instead of rust library? The latter is not only easier to achieve but also popular in new databases.

Oh, I got it, it’s not a new thing.

I got you got it.:slightly_smiling_face: