TiDB Operator v1.2.0 was officially released on July 30 2021

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TiDB Operator v1.2.0 was officially released on July 30, 2021. The major changes are listed as follows:

Rolling update changes

  • Upgrading TiDB Operator will cause the recreation of the TidbMonitor Pod due to (#4085)

New features

  • Support setting Prometheus retentionTime, which is more fine-grained than reserveDays, and only retentionTime takes effect if both are configured(#4085, @better0332)
  • Support setting priorityClassName in the Backup CR to specify the priority of the backup job (#4078, @mikechengwei)


  • Changes the default Region leader eviction timeout of TiKV to 1500 minutes. The change prevents the Pod from being deleted when the Region leaders are not transferred completely to the other stores, which will cause data corruption (#4071, @KanShiori)

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue that the URL in Prometheus.RemoteWrite may be parsed incorrectly in TiDBMonitor (#4087, @better0332)

For the full release notes, please see TiDB Operator v1.2.0 Release Notes.

Docker images and helm charts can be found on our v1.2.0 Github Release page.

Documentation: https://docs.pingcap.com/tidb-in-kubernetes/stable/

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