Freshman wanna say hi~

Dear TiDB developers,

Hello! I’m Zidong Liu, sylzd on GitHub, working for Database Team at Xiaomi. I’m responsible for TiDB Project in Xiaomi Company, which has been developed in Xiaomi for nearly a year - we’ve got an incredible achievement in a very short time.

As the speech I made in devcon 2021 mentioned, “Take from the community and give back to the community”. Greeeeeat support we’ve got from the community, it’s naturally to contribute our effort to the community. Of course, there are some other reasons to take part in:

  1. Many usage scenarios encounter kernel bugs. We need to learn more about kernel to help users to cover it.
  2. It’s a part of Xiaomi’s open source strategy, that’s we should take resource investment.
  3. Scenario in Xiaomi is complicated, so we need to prepare for more challenges.

Anyway, I just wanna say hi to you all, your assistance would be highly appreciated. Let’s kick-off.


Hi @sylzd,

Welcome to the community! Awesome to hear that Xiaomi keep developing on
TiDB, excited to see where this joint path leads us.

I’m curious about the speech you mentioned,

… is there a link to the whole speech? I’d like to learn from that :slight_smile:

Not open yet, Maybe you can see in days~ :see_no_evil:

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welcome, wanna to see you speech too