Introduction of new developer

Hello everyone

My name is Yu Qi and github account is yuqi1129,Currently i worked in Xiaomi company as an maintainer and developer of TiDB, In the past year, through working with the business side, many important businesses of the Xiaomi Group have successfully migrated from MySQL to TiDB and achieved the desired results. At the same time, we have also deepened our ideals and understanding of TiDB. Therefore, I hope to go further in the community building and gradually participate in the development and construction of new features of TiDB to make TiDB better.

Thank you all for your help


Welcome! We are looking forward to more contributions from Xiaomi!

By the way, shall we add a new category for introduction? cc @tison

Not yet. Category comes later if there is a real and constant trend :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @yuqi1129,

Welcome to our community!

It seems your interests are on TiDB the SQL engine, doesn’t it? Under the storage category we used to talk about topics about TiKV, TiFlash, or low level KV engine, etc.

It’s fine either or both fields you participate in and contribute to. I’m curious here to see where we can help you to go.

Hi, @tison
You are right, I am more familiar with TiDB and SQL engine, Since we have encountered a lot of questions about TiKV and TiFlash and we know very little about them, So i want to go further in this field. Currently I am still learning the Rust language and TiKV source code

Get it. I’d suggest you take a look at this proposal.

It focuses on using RawKV and TxnKV in the same workload and affects logics with key value encoding, Client API design and PD collaboration, etc.

You can read the design document and comment. May @andylokandy kindly answer you.