Introduction of new developer.No.003

Maybe this is a good template for new depvelopers before the unlucky 1000th one join…

Hello, everyone:

This is Guocong Yu which has a github account mianhk.I’m now working for Database Team at Xiaomi as a maintainer and developer of TiDB. I took much time on Backup&Recover/Platform/Orchestration/Migration around MySQL before we meet TiDB which performs well in HTAP. In past nearly one year, I worked for making TiDB easy to use on internal platform in filed of Deployment,Monitor,Alert and so on. I am interested in the Deployment of TiDB in both physical environment and cloud environment.

As a cloud-native database, TiDB is easy to deployed on Kubernetes with the help of TiDB Operator.I am excited to join us to let a modern database deployed on Kubernetes easier to use and more stable.In the coming period of time, I will try to fix issues and participate in the development of new features of TiDB Operator and other projects.

Thanks for your help and hope TiDB better.


Welcome to the community @mianhk !

Although I don’t think it is a strong requirement to introduce developer himself/herself in this form, it is a good insights when we create a dedicate category for this kind of posts.

I’m unaware of how TiDB Operator is developed but found that you participated in some new features.

… it looks in a good direction! I’m curious whether they are in a same domain? It’d be better contributors on board by typos or issues and later focus on a specific domain to be familiar and comfortable with the project.