TiDB Improvement Proposals

This page documents all of improvement proposals under discussion, accepted but unreleased, released and discarded.

See also how to make a proposal.

Accepted but unreleased

Name Issue Design Release Links
The database-level placement rule in SQL #18030 #26221 TBD Call for contributors: Placement Rules in SQL
Restructure Tests #26022 #26024 5.3 Proposal: Restructure TiDB Tests
Support temporary table #24169 #24168 5.3
Support GBK #26812 #27325 TBD
Heuristic rules enhancement for index selection #26020 #27223 TBD
SQL Plan Management enhancement #25970 TBD TBD

Under discussion

Name Links
Support loose index scan Call for help & discuss: support loose index scan for TiDB
Refactoring execution engine on unistore Call for help: refactoring execution engine on unistore
Move parser to pingcap/tidb Proposal: Move parser back to pingcap/tidb

Implemented and released

Name Release Issue Design Links
Aggregation spill to disk 5.2 #25882 #25792


Name Links
Remove TiDB-to-TiDB RPC from TiKV client https://github.com/pingcap/tidb/issues/25808

Cool, It’s nice to have this proposal for contributors to track interesting features and find tasks they can work on.

I personally think the database-level placement rule in SQL could be a feature that community contributors can take part in.