TiDB Community Technical Oversight Committee Monthly Meeting Update

Hi, I’m Yanqing from TiDB Community. Some of you may have heard of TOC. The TiDB Community TOC serves as the main bridge and channel for coordinating and information sharing across companies and organizations. It is the coordination center for solving problems in terms of resource mobilization, technical research and development direction in the current community and cooperative projects.

To better synchronize the latest news in the community, the TOC meets at 8 pm (UTC+08:00) on the last Friday of each month. You are also welcomed to join the meeting by zoom: https://zoom.us/j/93010691005

Meeting Minutes will also be sent through the TOC mail group: https://lists.tidb.io/g/toc.

Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

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Aug 27th,2021


xiaoguang, Zhangming, Yao Wei, chengwen, yanqing, xiaolu, zili, Luodian, Lijianjun,wangcong

Discussion Item:TOC Meeting-Aug 27,2021

This meeting identified the following:

Project progress and demand synchronization - TiBigData

  • Support trino-tidb-connector.
  • Fixed the bug that snapshot source lost data in flink-1.13.

Project progress and demand synchronization - Weir

  • First Release of Open-source SQL Audit Platform

Project progress and demand synchronization - TiDB

  • Release in 5.2

    • Expresssion index: improve query performance #25150
  • Cardinality enhancement: improve the accuracy of the optimizer estimation #26085

  • Lock view: observe transaction locking events and troubleshoot deadlock problems

  • In progress

    • Placement Rule in SQL: design is finished and working on DDL #18030
  • Temporary table: development is finished but testing is not started #24169

  • GBK support: design is finished and development is started #26812

  • ORM compatibility for TiDB: migrate django-tidb and sqlalchemy-tidb to PingCAP org and write docs #24194

  • Improvement of Index Selection: improve heuristic rules and analyzing #26020

  • Plan Management Enhancement: support creating more bindings for one statement #25970

Project progress and demand synchronization - TiKV

  • Scheduling

    • Release in 5.2
      • Introduce slow node detecting mechanism #10539
  • Adjustable Priority Multidimensional Hot Scheduler #3869

  • Processing

    • Raftstore support asynchronous write io #10540
  • Region Label #3839

  • Online Recovery When Raft Majority Failure #10483

  • Read Only If Most Of The Storage Nodes Are Near Full #10537

  • Storage

    • Release in 5.3
      • Raft engine
  • Custom flow control

Project progress and demand synchronization - Chaos Mesh

Community Events & Governance

  • [TiDB Gov] Proposal: Lightweight and GitHub Friendly Special Interest Group

Pull Request #522