Proposal: Remove or actively maintain PowerShell build script of TiDB

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It seems there is no maintainer in our community of this script and it is quite brittle at least I think after BR merged into TiDB it is totally broken.

Thus, I’d prefer we find a maintainer for it and adding CI pipeline to verify its usage; otherwise let’s remove the script.


Even we could build TiDB successfully in Windows with PowerShell, we couldn’t build TiKV on the same platform: This might be another issue to resolve?

I prefer to remove it: I don’t think we have many PowerShell users(if there is any).

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Can TiDB be built and used as Wasm on Windows?

Interesting topics, maybe @breeswish will have idea on it.

But I think it is unrelated to the this thread?

Agree. The point is that we don’t have an active maintainer and even no regression guard in CI pipeline, the script is fake to work.

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Since there is nobody asking for retaining it or being the maintainer of this script, I create a PR to remove this script. Please take a look.