TiKV Improvement Proposals

This page documents all of improvement proposals under discussion, accepted but unreleased, released and discarded.

See also how to submit an RFC.

Accepted but unreleased

Name Issue Design Release Links
RaftStore Async IO #10540 TBD 5.3
Region Label #3839 TBD 5.3
Online Recovery When Raft Majority Failure #10843 TBD 5.3
Read-only When Most Of Storage Nodes are Near Full #10537 within issue 5.3

Under discussion

Implemented and released

Name Release Issue Design Links
Slow Node Detecting Mechanism 5.2 #10539 TBD
Adjustable Priority Multidimensional Hot Scheduler 5.2 #3869 TBD
Substitute rocksdb write stall (custom flow control) 5.2 #10137 #67


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@BusyJay @zhangjinpeng1987 do you know are there some links about the feature

  • Raft Engine
  • Custom Flow Control

You can find the progress of raft engine in https://github.com/tikv/raft-engine/issues/95, and custom flow control is https://github.com/tikv/tikv/issues/10137. Custom flow control is released.

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From the previous TOC meeting minutes it says that this feature will be released in 5.3. Which one is right?