Question about running single test in the new UT framework

I used to go test -check.f "XXX" where XXX is the name of the testing function, like TestConfig to run a specific unit test, this is very handy for fixing single test case that is failing.

However in the new test framework, it does not work.

I indeeded searched about such feature in testifiy, and got -testify.m, however it does not really work (at least on my platform)


go test -run TestConfig -testify.m TestConfig                                                                                                                                                                                                          1 ↵
flag provided but not defined: -testify.m
Usage of /tmp/go-build3417452132/b001/config.test:
        WorkaroundGoCheckFlags: check.p
  -check.timeout duration
        WorkaroundGoCheckFlags: check.timeout
  -test.bench regexp
        run only benchmarks matching regexp
        print memory allocations for benchmarks
  -test.benchtime d
        run each benchmark for duration d (default 1s)
  -test.blockprofile file
        write a goroutine blocking profile to file
  -test.blockprofilerate rate
        set blocking profile rate (see runtime.SetBlockProfileRate) (default 1)
  -test.count n
        run tests and benchmarks n times (default 1)
  -test.coverprofile file
        write a coverage profile to file
  -test.cpu list
        comma-separated list of cpu counts to run each test with
  -test.cpuprofile file
        write a cpu profile to file
        do not start new tests after the first test failure
  -test.list regexp
        list tests, examples, and benchmarks matching regexp then exit
  -test.memprofile file
        write an allocation profile to file
  -test.memprofilerate rate
        set memory allocation profiling rate (see runtime.MemProfileRate)
  -test.mutexprofile string
        write a mutex contention profile to the named file after execution
  -test.mutexprofilefraction int
        if >= 0, calls runtime.SetMutexProfileFraction() (default 1)
  -test.outputdir dir
        write profiles to dir
        panic on call to os.Exit(0)
  -test.parallel n
        run at most n tests in parallel (default 24) regexp
        run only tests and examples matching regexp
        run smaller test suite to save time
  -test.testlogfile file
        write test action log to file (for use only by cmd/go)
  -test.timeout d
        panic test binary after duration d (default 0, timeout disabled)
  -test.trace file
        write an execution trace to file
        verbose: print additional output
exit status 2
FAIL  0.010s

So I would like to ask the community how do you do single case testing in the new testify framework?

A lot of thanks for helping me out (and I am sure there are many people wondering about this feature as well)

I think testify supports: XXX


Thanks! it works! :smiley: