Discuss: The progress of fixing issue may need to imporve

This topic is inspired by a discussion. Issue #27760

Without the following sentence, I may not point out the typos in issue which will lead to misunderstanding.

I’d like to see more conversation instead of commands. For example, what do you think to fix this issue? Or it is simple enough to just push a PR?

The current model may be not friendly to assigners who don’t know the background/context of issue.

Most of assigner took an issue up silently, tried to fix it silently, and submitted the PR directly.
This is a typical example. Call For Participation: add rules for cascades optimizer

No one has spoken in the sig-planner of slack for a long time and there isn’t any discussion under the issue. I don’t know that what to do if assigner have some confusion.

Maybe we can give them some guidance, provide more information, or encourage them to make more questions?

Thanks for starting this thread @jackwener !

It is Chinese National Day and thus most of our contributors are on vacation. Reply may occur later and please be patient. I’m looking into this and hopefully give a reply after the vocation.

cc @bb7133 @Yuanjia maybe you’re interested in this topic also.