Request for Review: Migrate tests for statistics package

Recently @feitian124 works on several subtasks of migrating tests to testify framework for statstics package:

I highly appreciate for his contributions and act as a reviewer for the pull requests. However, we still require at least one more reviewer to get the contributions in.

I’m not quite familiar with that who is the potential active reviewer on this module, so create this request for review to seek one.

If you can help on reviewing the pull requests, or cc this request to proper reviewers, it will be very helpful!

Current pending pull requests:

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i am glad to join tidb community and together with you to make it evolution.

most migrate is simple, but some of them do need effort, like tests fails or refactoring is needed.

I have to say our pr process and github help a lot, i find why the codes been changed and who changed it from the pr commit info, then following the pr can find the issue. pr, issue as well as the comments and review in them usally provide much good information to understand the codes and the change. i believe the proposal Discuss: Public Design will make this situation even better.

thanks @tison and all of you for make this happen. And this is also one of the most important thing i learned from tidb community.

And i noticed that most of my pr is reviewed by @tison , including migrate test of statistics, this requires huge effort. thank you @tison for your hard work.

here i join him ask more to review the pr and correct my mistakes, hope cooperate with you and know you. As i get experience, i will also take more time on reivew.

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