Discuss: How we find the public design doc about PR or issues if it exists?

I seem to rarely see public documents about issue or PR.

Sometime, I get it from private communication.

Maybe, we can paste the important and useful information in the issue from the doc.

Today I saw the link of doc in a issue (but it isn’t open), so I wonder if we can make some changes in the part.

I think you mean open the design to all the community?

Recently, open design has already been our principle and emphasized again. In the new sprints, for the core project (TiDB, TiKV), all the designs have to be made public. And in future, more projects will follow the principle.

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Honestly, TiDB/TiKV community does not do this well before, we usually design and discuss internally, which violates the spirit of community, openness. But this will be improved in the near future, and we’ll make the RFCs, designs, and issues as transparent as possible on GitHub, so you’ll see the relevant issues for each PR.

Thank you for pointing that out. Let’s make our community great again!