What is the reason about that My first PR can not pass the unit-test?

I want to fix the ISSUE-#30850,
and think I have finished it through manual compilation tests.
meanwhile, that go test -check.f TestIssue25993 gets OK.

suzhipeng@Jans-MacBook-Pro executor % go test -check.f TestIssue25993
ok      github.com/pingcap/tidb/executor        5.959s


I’m a fresh man on coding TiDB from DBA Role;
I really hope to get your guidance on why I didn’t pass

My problem is the version of Go,you can click the details and look that which test failed

Your code might affect multiple test cases, simply running one case might not reveal the cause. Check the details to see which case fails. Maybe it’s just an unstable one.

first, thank you for your reply;
second,I discovered that CI union-test returned FAIL from file of tidb/util/ranger. Then, I commanded it on the terminal ,which is cd ranger ; go test -v ./,finally finding that modify Adjust function affected multiple test cases such as TestIndexRangeForYear!
third,i will try to fix all of affects.

Another question is that if I push a PR the modified code must be pass make dev every time?
I tried that pull a new master to run make dev,it still faild and costed much time.

thanks, I discovered it by your direction!

I think yes. Passing all the valid tests is a fundamental requirement. There might be some tests unstable, you could rerun several more times.

Yeah,I reopen a new PR here;
passing all the test case and waiting for review!