RocksDB and TitanDB support and sync with upstream

Original topic:

I’ve watched a very interesting video with Sunny Brains and Andy Zhang at CNCF. Regarding what you did on RocksDB, replacing its WAL with Raft log, I suppose that Titan being a plugin on top of RocksDB it inherits it as well, right ?

Also RocksDB as a new implementation called BlobDB, do you have in mind to allow users to access BlobDB parameters (like enable_blob_* and blob_*) to allow users to switch to BlobDB instead of RocksDB ? Do you have any idea how Titan compares to BlobDB ?

Also regarding RocksDB the upstream is currently on 7.9.2 (2022-12-21) when TiKV is on 6.29 (2022-03-29 if it’s 6.29.5). What’s the current RoadMap on getting new changes/fixes from the upstream ?