Minitrace-rust in TiKV

I watched a video about tikv/minitrace-rust that was supposed to be used in TiKV 5.0 but I’m not seeing it in tikv/tikv, am I missing something ?

You can search PR of tikv to find out what happened. Like this

What does “old minitrace” mean ? it’s been deprecated for some reason ?
Does it mean that now TiKV is not instrumented anymore ? no traces at all ?

It is just the implementation being abandoned. Searching TiDB feature document and protocol definition as well as source code is a better way to learn how is it implemented.

Even though I’m not developing and not sure if I’m wrong. But it’s likely being defined here:

I see but then the question is how do we enable this ? kvproto is used by TiKV but I don’t see any option in TiKV to get access to those traces.