Where is the implementation of self.send of RaftRouter?

When I read the source code of the implements of raftstore, I cannot find the implements of method self.send which invoked at

Could you give some insights behind this function chain?

Hi @lyy4j ! Glad to see the question.

I’ve updated the description for you for better expression. Correct me if I get it wrong.

For the very question, I think self.send is implemented as

… may be @BusyJay could give more background.

thanks for you answer. From my own experience,the function of “pub fn send(&self, addr: u64, msg: N::Message)” owned by BatchRouter,and BatchRouter is the attribute of the RaftRouter, and I can not find the "impl BatchRouter(Router) for RaftRouter ", so I have doubts。

oh, i ignore the “impl<EK, ER> Deref for RaftRouter<EK, ER>” ,thanks

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