Article on how to contribute to TiKV Coprocessor

Hello everyone, I wrote an article on how to contribute to TiKV Coprocesser in Chinese.

Hope it can provide some help!

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Awesome! it would be helpful if you can help to write the corresponding sections in TiKV Dev Guide. /cc @tison

Thanks for sharing this article @Xuanwo! I think there is an undergoing effort to try to reduce the gap between different execution models among TiDB cluster (TiDB, TiKV Coprocessor, TiFlash MPP / Coprocessor ), you can keep an eye on the community to see how is it going.

For the content part, I’d like to invite you to participant TiKV Dev Guide.

@skyzh already participant in this issue. I think you knew each other. Hopefully you can join force and let the Dev Guide greater :slight_smile:

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Looks nice, I’m in.