TiDB Operator v1.2.1 was officially released on August 18 2021

Hi All,

TiDB Operator v1.2.1 was officially released on August 18 2021. The major changes are listed as follows:

Rolling update changes

  • If hostNetwork is enabled for TiCDC, upgrading TiDB Operator will cause the recreation of the TiCDC Pod due to #4141


For the full release notes, please see TiDB Operator v1.2.1 Release Notes.

Docker images and helm charts can be found on our v1.2.1 Github Release page.

Documentation: https://docs.pingcap.com/tidb-in-kubernetes/stable/


I’ve truncated the Chinese part since this is an English forum, and formatted contents for better rendering. @Kanshiori You can format the content before post the next time.

Also, I’m curious whether TiDB Operator version number follows semantic version? It seems we implement new feature with a minor version bump. cc @DanielZhangQD

@tison Yes, TiDB Operator follows the semantic version.

The change in v1.2.1 is only a minor improvement, sometimes, we will cherry-pick some minor improvements to the release branch if they are required by some users because they cannot wait for the next minor release.