Where can I find TiDB book in English

Hi all, I’m very interested in learning about TiDB. Could you guys suggest an English book that write about TiDB in depth? For example, architecture, attributes, best practices… Or something like High Performance MySQL

I found the gitbook TiDB in Action but unfortunately I don’t know Chinese. It seems like there is no English version either.

Many thanks in advance

For TiDB users, https://docs.pingcap.com/tidb/stable might be a good choice.
For TiDB developers, https://pingcap.github.io/tidb-dev-guide/index.html might also be a good choice.


请问下For TiDB developers,有中文版的吗?作为中国人,中文看起来更爽,另外tikv的开发者指南有吗?
Is there the Chinese version docs for TiDB developers? and is there Chinese version for tikv Deverlopers? @skyzh