Request a new category for tidb-server

Discussion about components of TiDB server, including

Example post 1:

What is the purpose of KeepOrder parameter of distsql/request_builder.go:SplitRangesBySign?

with offline discussion it is converted into a pull request improving TiDB server code quality.

Example post 2:

Baseline Evolution execution time should be no more than the binding execution time.

So far, the default value of tidb_evolve_plan_task_max_time is 10 minutes, which hurts TP scenario. A reasonable value should be compared with the execution time of previous binding statement. For example, bind plan uses 10 seconds, then evolve plan should be killed if exceeding 10 seconds.

with offline discussion it is converted into a valid issue and follow-ups.

+1, the category name LGTM. A supplement for the topics about tidb-server:

  • MySQL Protocol
  • Session Management & System Variables
  • Privileges
  • Background jobs like MVCC GC, DDL

tidb-server absolutely deserves a dedicated category.