Resource Control and Resource Usage Monitoring based on TiKV kespace?


I’ve been browsing around the various Keyspace related PRs and issues on the various Ti-related repositories. So far, I have not found any PRs detailing out on keyspace-specific resource control and resource consumption monitoring. Are there any plans to support this in the future? Essentially, I am imagining the “Resource Group” feature like TIDB but in TiKV with keyspaces.

We are exploring the potential to use the same TiKV cluster alongside TiDB. Ideally, when we want schema-ful structured queries, we would access TiKV via the TiDB layer and when raw performance is needed, we would directly read from or write to TiKV.

We are hoping to build something like the following layed out in this TiKV rfc:
TiKV will serve as an online feature store and TiDB would serve as an offline feature store.

I am aware that TiKV API v2 has enabled us to access TiKV directly within the presence of TiDB nodes. I am also aware that request units are aggregated at the TiDB layer and the TiKV layer separately but the consumption values are currently only exposed at the TiDB layer via the TiDB dashboard. Perhaps we can expose an API to collect TiKV-only request consumption based on keyspace?

I am willing to work with anyone if you are interested!