Upgrade golang version every six months

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Golang version of TIDB is upgrading from 1.13 to 1.16 now.

*: Upgrade to go 1.16 && remove deprecated io/ioutil by TennyZhuang · Pull Request #24527 · pingcap/tidb (github.com)

According to Go | endoflife.date , go 1.13 has been deprecated 8 months ago. And all security patches are missing in this version.

I think that we should increase the frequency upgrading, In detail, we should upgrade to go 1.17 while (or before) go 1.18 released, and upgrade to go 1.18 while go 1.19 released, so that we can always use the supported golang version, and reduce the risks.

Thank you @TennyZhuang
Yes. We have a plan to upgrade Golang every six months exactly(from now).

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@TennyZhuang I create a category infrastructure for this kind of topics. Roughly I think it consists of

  • language dependency
  • general library dependency, such as upgrade gRPC version globally
  • bot
  • collaboration workflow, issue tracking, pr reviewing, and so on (maybe also release).
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@zhouqiang-cl is there a scheduling for the next upgrade? Or let’s just keep an eye on this thread and notify at the end of this year.