Guide: how to replace circle ci with verify ci

Hi developers!

Some teams have recently encountered limit on the use of circle ci. On behalf of the EE team, we are pleased to announce that jenkins verify ci is now available as a better alternative.

Several projects are now using verify ci as a daily pr quality assurance。The following projects have been tasted so far:

  • [Done] docs
  • [Doing] parser

The following aspects can help you decide whether it is appropriate to use verify ci

  • current cicle ci are often waitting in queue too long to start run
  • current ci only contains some simple shell cmd like make test make lint
  • current ci does not consume excessive resources

Specific steps of migration from circle ci to verify ci

  1. create a pull request on PingCAP-QE/devops-config. Refer to the example to generate the verify.yaml for the project.
  2. request EE team members to review your pr
  3. create a new jenkins pipeline on that using this groovy file pr-verify-check.groovy
  4. test verify ci on your repo
  5. remove your circle ci labelThis text will be hidden from pr merge requied label

verify.config example

verify ci example

update pr commit status after verify ci finished

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Verify ci on tidb is on the way, but it will not happen in the near future for splitting ut/ft is a heavy work.

Currently tidb use golangci-lint on ci lint check. If you want to add linter to tidb, please refer this config golangci.yaml

More details about golangci-lint linter, please refer

get it, thanks. :+1: