Proposal: modify the branch protection rule for TiKV repository


In the branch protection rules of the Github repository, the requirement for setting the
number of review approvals requires approval from personnel with “write” permission.
Historically, people did not understand this and believed that only organization members or
repository collaborators needed to meet this rule.

For example:

These three review approvals will not pass the branch protection rule, but will make the
bot add status/LGT2 label on the pull request.

When the status/can-merge and status/LGT2 labels are added to the pull request, the
bot will try to put it into merge queue.
But the bot can not merge the pull requests that have no green review check(due to github
api). This often confuses developers.


Rights in reviewing:
• TiChiBot have guarded the review approval count.
• Finally, just the committeers can send “/merge” to make it be approved.
• The member right is not the review role, some committeers own just read right.

So the branch protection rule is duplicated on guarding for required approvals count.


• Just update the branch protection rule, uncheck the “Required approvals” checkbox:


Github document about required reviews

It’s done by the PR.