Announcing upgrade to Go 1.22

Hi developers! On behalf of our infra team, I’m hereby announcing the upgrade to Go 1.22 among these Golang projects is happening.

  • [Todo] pingcap/tidb
  • [Todo] pingcap/ng-monitoring
  • [Todo] pingcap/tiflow
  • [Todo] tikv/pd

Pipeline modification is planned to be done by the end of Mar 13th, 2024. And later go.mod file of these projects will be updated so that we upgrade to Go 1.22 totally.

Update (2024/03/14)
After comparative testing, it was found that upgrading to go1.22 did not bring significant benefits. Considering the following points, the upgrade plan will be paused:

  1. The decrease in memory overhead is small, close to or less than 1%.
  2. Taking into account the product lifecycle (three years) and LTS branch frequency (one lts every six months), upgrading a major version of Go requires coordination of multiple resources: testing, development, and frequent upgrades necessitate significant investment in maintaining CICD.
  3. Approaching the new version codefreeze, in line with ensuring product quality principles, CICD will not undergo major changes and will not add additional workload to development.

We will consider upgrading before the next DMR version release based on Go’s version release strategy and cycle. Thank you for your concern; if you have any questions, please feel free to provide feedback under this topic.



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