Proposal: Strengthen configuration change approval for `tikv/tikv` and `tikv/pd` repositories

An approval process for the change to the file path scope of global variables and configurations will be deployed for TiKV and PD repositories

:calendar: These changes are scheduled to be deployed between 2024-05-30 ~ 2024-06-06.


Some preparatory work needs to be completed first:

  1. The reviewing plug-in will be migrated to the native LGTM + approval plug-in, which is consistent with pingcap/tidb. This is the basis for implementation.
  2. Based on the code owner mechanism, setup approvers for changes to special files.

Some change will happen when it is deployed in the future days:

  1. Add LGTM will shown as the lgtm label be added rather than status/LGT1 or status/LGT2.

  2. Approval of merging changes from the comment “/merge” to the comment “/approve”, and the github review approval of the approvers role will be regarded as approval by default.

  3. The lgtm and approved label adding processes are in parallel, but they can only be merged when the final requirements are met.

Please take advantage one of the methods to handle a PR that is still in progress:

  1. Turn the state of the pull request to draft state.

  2. Add “WIP” to the beginning of the PR title.

  3. Comment “/hold” in the pull request to hold it.

The final review habits will be consistent with “pingcap/tidb” and other repositories in “pingcap” GitHub organization.


Welcome feedback and suggestions or additional discussions! :handshake: